Preparing The Groom For The Wedding Day

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Wedding photographers in Kent know that the big day is really more about the bride than it is anything or anyone else. But just because women pay more attention to the details appertaining to the ceremony itslef does not mean that the men simply have to sit back and let life happen to them. The groom is huge part of the day as well. After all, if he does not show, there will not be a ceremony. So what are some of the things/responsibilities of the groom when it comes to preparing for the wedding? Lovepear Photography is here to explain. (Kent photographer)

1. Get There

This is the most important task the groom has. This starts long before any wedding plans have been laid down. The groom has to find the woman, charm her, propose and pray to whatever deity they believe in that she says yes, then actually be part of the whole ceremony. This means buying the rings, paying for the wedding itself (sometimes) and showing up sober and ready to get married.

2. Get Groomed

Everyone from your bride, to your guests to the Kent wedding photographer tasked with taking your wedding portrait, will not forgive you if you show up to your own wedding disheveled. You need to be well groomed; groomed to a standard befitting the occasion. This means choosing the right fit suit (your bride will probably choose the colour and everything else, you just have to make sure it fits), taking a shower, shaving and wearing some cologne. Your groomsmen will be beside you to make sure that you look your best.

3. Be Charming Through The Ceremony

You have to smile and be charming through the ceremony. Wedding photography in Kent work best if everyone is a little happy about the whole day. You need to buy gifts for the bride and the maids (optional) and be as hospitable as you can.

4. Toast The Bride

There are some people who like to say a few words about their better halves. If you are to write your own vows, then your number one task to WRITE them. Use your groomsmen as sounding boards. Practice on them, let them tell you if it sound to cheesy, or if it sounds just about right.

5. Enjoy Yourself

It is your day too. Smile, look good for the cameras and enjoy yourself.

As the groom, you prabably won't stress over every little thing as the bride will, but you could at least make sure that you do your part.



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