What Are Standard Locksmith Prices?

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When looking at the locksmith industry as a whole, prices are relatively consistent from one professional to another for an average range. However, you will find variances in price based on a number of factors. Because of this, when you need to hire a licensed locksmith, you should always consider several options. That way, you get outstanding service for a competitive price.

Determining Factors

To understand why prices vary, consider some of the factors involved. For one thing, the skillset and experience of a locksmith come into play. Obviously, if you hire a professional who has completed extensive training and education to become licensed, has 20 years of experience in the industry, and possesses specialized skills learned by working as an apprentice, what that person charges will likely be more than what someone without formal training, a license, and much experience quotes.

Another factor is the type of work performed. For instance, if you have an emergency lockout and need the doors of your car unlocked, you will pay between $50 and $100. However, if the locksmith arrives on the scene and finds that your vehicle’s ignition also needs replacing, the cost will increase. Whether hiring someone for scheduled work or an emergency, rates vary according to the level and type of work.

Some of the other factors that affect the price of hiring a licensed locksmith include:

• The distance the locksmith has to drive to your location
• Day service versus night service
• The cost of locks or security systems installed
• The year, make, and model of the vehicle you drive

Basic Pricing

The minimum average cost to hire a locksmith is $55 and the maximum $350. However, according to the latest statistics, most people pay between $143 and $199 for professional locksmith services. Just remember, there are other considerations that determine what you ultimately pay. A perfect example is driving distance. Most locksmiths consider 10 miles within normal range, but for anything beyond that, you will likely pay a mileage fee.

Because there are so many mitigating factors when hiring a locksmith, you would benefit most by already having the name and number of a trusted professional on hand before you actually need assistance. As a result, you know exactly what you will pay. In fact, you might consider having a couple of names available, just in case.

As mentioned, if the locksmith has to do additional work than expected or planned, the cost of services increases. Something else to consider is that your insurance company may cover some services. Although you will be out-of-pocket initially, after filing a claim, the insurance company reimburses you for the expense.



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